It’s HOT out!! Is your Irrigation System working? Maybe it needs some repairs or even activated! Call us today!

Summer is officially here!! With the intense heat, you want to make sure your watering your lawn to keep it nice and green.

You may have some questions like: When is the best time to water? How much should I water? How do I turn on my Irrigation system? My Irrigation system is leaking, or I have a broken sprinkler head can you fix it?

We are always happy to educate our clients. Watering is critical to the health of your grass and is necessary if you want to achieve a healthy looking lawn. The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning to avoid evaporation during the daytime. Night watering is not recommended to prevent disease.

We are happy to come out and activate your Irrigation system and run the system to check for potential repairs. If necessary we will provide you with a complimentary estimate for those repairs. We are happy to schedule you and appointment to fix or repair any leaks, broken lines, adjust heads, etc. Just give our office a call today! 913-406-2996

Sprinkler system repair broken line winterization activation sprinkler system 66062

Irrigation Activation 66062

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