Gearing up for the season!

Winter officially has one foot out the door and it looks like warmer temperatures and sunny skies are upon us! This isĀ  the time to be applying your spring pre-emergent fertilizer. This will help green the lawn up and prevent grassy and broadleaf weeds from becoming established in your lawn.

Tune up your mower with new spark plugs, change the oil, and add fresh fuel. Check your blade to make sure it is nice and sharp so you are indeed cutting the grass and not ripping it. You will be able to tell if you lawn starts to have white tips on the grass blades.

If you need your irrigation turned on and tuned up give us a call!

Now is also a great time to apply new mulch. Mulch protects the roots of plants as well as helps to hold in moisture, prevent weeds, and add a beautiful touch to your landscape. Call for a free quote.

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